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Our response to support organisations and employees during the current crisis has been to develop and curate a new learning curriculum which focus on learning for a new reality – providing clients with a catalogue of high-quality, relevant and engaging learning activities.


Learning for a new reality tube map

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Our learning for a new reality topics are designed to tackle some of the immediate challenges that individuals, teams and organisations are currently facing.


Topics include:


  • Remote working: with working from home set to be the norm for the foreseeable future, we have a range of topics designed to help our clients sustain this way of working, as well as support for those leaders who are managing virtual teams. Topics include mastering remote working, leading through crisis, @virtualwork and @virtual meetings.


  • Health and wellbeing: the emerging evidence on Covid-19’s impact on mental health is a concern for our clients1. Our learning includes several topics which enable our clients to help their employees. More details on what we have available can be found in ‘personal resilience’.


  • Delivering the new normal: the business impact of Covid-19 has meant organisations have had to manage exceptional disruption and change, and the situation continues to evolve. As businesses start to plan for the future, we have a range of learning interventions that will help our clients and their employees continue this path and navigate the challenges that still lie ahead.
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Virtual classrooms, sharing expert insights with your employees

With workplace learning now a virtual activity, our virtual classrooms are designed to be short, high engagement sessions based on practical activities. Each classroom session offers learners the opportunity to engage with experts, share experiences with others and then reflect on what they have learned afterwards. All our virtual classrooms use Microsoft Teams and are hosted by expert facilitators. Virtual classrooms are available for key topics, including remote working and remote leadership, mental health awareness, and building resilience.

Virtual learning

Digital learning for employees, when they need it most

KPMG digital learning - Mental health learning

KPMG digital learning - Cyber security


Topics include cyber risk, mental health and wellbeing, customer service, and performance management. Our digital content is also available for individual’s to purchase for more information visit our store:


Key alliance support

By working with our alliance partners: Mindgym, Elisha and Sporting Edge, we have developed a learning ecosystem that has been integral to the development of learning for a new reality catalogue.

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Learning for a new reality

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