Tech Toolkit: Technology's impact on the business landscape

This programme is designed to introduce learners to how technology supports businesses today, looking at where technology is being used and how that technology supports the operating model. It introduces the disruptive forces that are reshaping businesses and organizations in response to new technologies.

9 available topics:

Impact on the business and operating model
Enterprise architecture
Business architecture
Business and IT alignment
Infrastructure architecture
Data architecture
Application architecture
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications in more detail
Protecting IT systems

Tech Toolkit: Emerging Technology

This programme is designed to develop knowledge in relation to emerging technologies at a fundamental level. The convergence of emerging technologies including the Internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence is creating new market value and displacing existing products and services.

9 available topics:

Trends in emerging technology
Emerging technology as a business driver
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence: Benefits
Blockchain: Benefits
Containers and microservices
Internet of Things
Internet of Things: Benefits

Tech Toolkit: Introduction to Data & Analytics

This programme is designed to develop knowledge in relation to Data and Analytics at a fundamental level. This will include: data governance frameworks established within organizations for the effective management of data; big data, processes and tools involved with extracting value from it to gain business insight; and an oversight of common visualization tools and technologies used in reporting.

5 available topics:

Trends and methods in analytics
Big data
Reports and visualisation
Enterprise data management
Data Migration

Tech Toolkit: Full Suite

This programme contains the complete suite of 23 topics from Tech Toolkit including: Technology's impact on the business landscape (9 topics), Emerging Technology (9 topics), and Introduction to Data & Analytics (5 topics).

1 available topics:

Tech Toolkit: Full Suite